• Screenshot dell'homepage di Ragno


    Shopify Migration / E-commerce consulting / Development
    We have migrated Ragno's website from Prestashop to Shopify, providing support to the integration of their ERP to Shopify. Furthermore, we have helped integrating their newsletter and customer service to Klaviyo and Gorgias respectively. We keep supporting Ragno in their further developments with Shopify Plus.

  • Screenshot della product page di Rifò


    Shopify Migration / E-commerce consulting / Development
    We migrated Rifo's website from WooCommerce to Shopify, creating a custom theme and providing support on new functions and implementations through their first year on Shopify.

  • Screenshot dell'homepage di Pistil


    Store setup
    Pistil is a new sustainable fashion brand. We have built their store starting from a Shopify theme and then customizing it.Website realized in collaboration with Cecilia Cappelli.

  • Screenshot della pagina ricette di Bontasana


    Store setup / E-commerce consulting / Development
    We have developed Bontasana's website starting from a Shopify theme and working on functional and graphic changes. The store is multi-language and it is enriched by a collection of vegan recipes. We keep supporting them in developing new features.

  • Screenshot della pagina prodotto di Artknit


    Migration to Shopify 2.0
    We took care of migrating Artknit's theme to its 2.0 version, rebuilding the custom features into the new theme and optimizing the e-commerce content management.

  • Screenshot della pagina blog di Goooders


    Shopify Migration
    We migrated Goooders' website, initially a custom website, on Shopify, in order to make it more ecommerce oriented and easier to manage for their team.Custom theme made in collaboration with Ensoul.

  • Screenshot della pagina collezione di Dalle Piane Cashmere

    Dalle Piane Cashmere

    Performance optimization
    We optimized Dalle Piane Cashmere's theme: after an in-depth analysis, we have worked to enhance its performance and positioning. The optimized theme has been published on the several local websites of the brand.

  • Screenshot dell'homepage di Inherba


    Store setup
    We created Inherba's website starting from a Shopify theme and customizing it from a graphic and functional standpoint.Website realized in collaboration with Studio AM.

  • Screenshot della pagina lookbook di Maurizio Baldassari

    Maurizio Baldassari

    Store setup / E-commerce consulting / Development
    We support Maurizio Baldassari with their e-commerce management and the development of new sections and functions. We have launched their US website and synched it with their main store.