We are Silvia, Rossella and Lavinia,

three e-commerce professionals that, after working for the biggest Japanese Shopify Plus Partner, decided to bring back what they have learnt to Italy - a country with amazing brands whose potential is still mostly untapped.

We are three IT professionals with a non-IT background, and this allows us to combine our strong inclination to technical problem solving with a 360 degree vision and understanding of the businesses we work with.

We are young, women, and have lived all around the world.

We aren't afraid of introducing disruptive innovations where necessary, but our roots teach us that history is important too. Our final goal is in fact to value and protect what is at the core of our clients' activities: the products and services they offer.

We do believe in an inclusive market, where minorities and diversities can thrive. We therefore decided to dedicate at least half of our capacity to projects led by women or people from categories that are underrepresented in the e-commerce world, and to online stores with a strong cultural, ethical or eco-sustainable vision.

Our goal is to create a collaboration based on trust and transparency, where our clients can focus on their products with the peace of mind of having a solid and supportive technical team by their side.