Devco is a trading company with long experience in the industrial supplies sector. It offers its customers a wide selection of tools, power tools and other industrial items for a variety of industries and needs. In addition to the stores under its own brand, through the Volano project, Devco also offers e-commerce solutions for hardware and tool stores that want to approach the world of digital commerce.


Devco had a goal to enter the world of digital commerce with a B2B store on Shopify. The main goal was to create a prototype Shopify site for Devco that was replicable and scalable, so that Devco could offer it to their customers as part of their Shopify package. The project had to be implementable quickly, but with the technical and usability features suitable for a B2B store.

Our solution

Nama supported Devco in planning and creating the Shopify-based online store prototype. The project took place in four main phases:

1. Discovery: Detailed analysis of the technical requirements and user experience necessary for the sale of an industrial catalogue. This phase included gathering the specific needs of Devco and its B2B customers.

2. Creation of the Prototype: Development of the first e-commerce site on Shopify, including specific features for B2B. This included access restrictions, verification of B2B customers with different pricing rules and connection to existing systems and processes.

3. Site Creation Package: Based on the prototype site, a standardized package was developed for the creation of new e-commerce sites for Devco customers. This package allows you to replicate and scale your Shopify solution quickly and effectively.

4. Support & Growth: Offering a monthly support package to ensure Devco and its network receive ongoing support and regular updates.

  • Speed performance optimization
  • Ecommerce B2B
  • Platform migration
  • Theme development
  • Shopify Tool Stack
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Thanks to Nama's support, Devco was able to plan and create a prototype Shopify-based online store with all the necessary features, ready to go live in just three weeks. This included access restrictions, b2b customer verification, different pricing rules and connection to existing systems and processes. The case of Devco demonstrates that, with clearly defined requirements and dedicated collaboration on both sides, it is possible to build a store B2B on Shopify in a very short period of time. Furthermore, this project highlighted that Shopify is a suitable platform for B2B business, as long as the needs are not too complex.

Some screenshots from the project

Technology partners

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