Giugno 2024: il giro di boa dell’anno

June 2024: the mid-year review

Nama Studio, our partners and our services: let’s take stock.

Nama behind the scenes!

Six months have flown by so quickly, and it's time to take a little stock of what has happened, sketching out some ideas for the future.

Nama al lavoro, screenshot di Rossella, Silvia e Elvira che lavorano in screen share


Here we are, immersed in our work, with our complete team: Silvia, Rossella, and Elvira, the Project Manager of Nama. Here’s a small glimpse of us in action.

In this half-year, we have redesigned our brand to better reflect who we are and what we represent.

We have forged new partnerships with clients and partners, creating success stories and bringing their, and our visions, to new levels. We have increasingly worked to find our balance, allowing us to be flexible and connected, no matter where we are.

Technology unites us and allows us to create, even from kilometers away.

We are proud and satisfied with the goals we have achieved and are happy to share them with you!

Even more gratifying is reading what our clients think of us.
Here you can read what the Endelea team says about working with us.

Abbiamo lavorato con NAMA per l'aggiornamento ad un nuovo tema Shopify 2.0 (con alcune personalizzazioni) ed è stato un viaggio meraviglioso: il team è stato super professionale, sempre puntuale e preciso in tutte le comunicazioni, ha fatto un ottimo lavoro e anche avere flessibilità per soddisfare le nostre esigenze (e i nostri ritardi!). Consiglierei al 100% di lavorare con loro!


Shop Circle x Nama: “The Future is Stacked: How Shop Circle's Tailored App Stacks Can Optimize Your Shopify Store”

What are Tailored App Stacks and how can they help your business?

We explain it here!


June 2024 Projects

Nama x Just Australia

Nama x Just Australia

Just Australia turned to Nama for a site and catalog redesign to better communicate their offerings and optimize cross-sell opportunities. The site was already on Shopify but it needed optimization.


Shopify bullet points

Trust us and our approach: discover our innovative e-commerce solutions and stay up-to-date with the Shopify world!


Metacampi su Shopify

How can you extend the contents of your Shopify store using metafields? 💡 

This tool offers the ability to integrate custom fields to products, customers, and orders, enabling sellers to store and present extra data relevant to their business. 

Read more here.


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