Il futuro è componibile: ottimizza il tuo negozio con le Tailored App Stacks di Shop Circle [Copertina blog]

The Future is Stacked: How Shop Circle's Tailored App Stacks Can Optimize Your Shopify Store

This is a guest post from Shop Circle - leading provider of e-commerce software solutions. Their tailored App Stacks cater specifically to Shopify stores, offering pre-configured bundles of essential apps to streamline operations and optimize online presence.

Shopify makes it easy to start selling online, but where it truly shines is scalability. It can be suitable for businesses that are just starting to sell online or for established companies that want to run their operations on a solid platform. Shopify has been around for more than 10 years, and it is currently powering millions of stores. Its ecosystem has also grown exponentially, with more than 8.000 apps available in the Shopify App Store, providing solutions to extend Shopify’s functionalities.

The sheer volume of available apps on the Shopify platform can be overwhelming for store owners. That's where Tailored App Stacks come in—the strategic integration of multiple apps to achieve specific goals is emerging as a key trend in 2024. This approach to app integration and management is gaining traction as merchants seek out more streamlined and efficient solutions for running their online stores.

Defining Tailored App Stacks

Shop Circle's Tailored App Stack are like pre-made meals for your online store, eliminating the need for researching and integrating individual apps. Our solutions are tailored to different growth stages and business goals, simplifying management, ensuring app compatibility, and offering cost savings over piecemeal purchases.

While designed for convenience, these stacks are fully customizable to accommodate unique needs. Adjust the components of each stack by adding or removing apps to better suit your specific requirements.

App Stacks Shop Circle

Here are some examples of the available stacks:

Startup with a budget

You are a new business owner with a fantastic product but limited resources. You need a user-friendly online store to showcase your product and handle sales. The Shopify Essentials Stack provides the core functionalities you need at an affordable price. This includes tools for product listing, inventory management, secure payments, and basic marketing features like email capture. With Shop Circle's free tech stack audit, you can ensure your chosen apps integrate seamlessly and avoid unnecessary clutter.

Scaling up for Growth

Your business is experiencing rapid growth, and your current tech setup struggles to keep up. You need a robust system to manage increasing sales volume and customer data. The Growth Entrepreneur Stack offers a comprehensive suite of apps for advanced features like subscriptions, abandoned cart recovery, and email automation. This allows you to personalize the customer journey, optimize conversion rates, and streamline operations for continued growth. Shop Circle's expertise can help you leverage these tools effectively and identify further opportunities for scaling.

Mobile-first shopping experience

A significant portion of your customer base shops on mobile devices. You need to ensure a smooth and engaging experience for mobile users to maximize sales. The Mobile Commerce Accelerator provides tools specifically designed to optimize your store's look and feel for mobile browsing. This includes features for faster loading times, user-friendly checkout processes, and mobile-specific marketing tools. Shop Circle can help you analyze your mobile traffic data and tailor the mobile experience to your specific audience.

How can Tailored App Stacks help you as a merchant?

Merchants stand to gain significantly from adopting tailored app stacks as it leads to:

  • Increased Efficiency - Say goodbye to hours of app research and integration—Shop Circle's pre-configured stacks save time and effort.
  • Optimized Performance - Ensure smooth functionality and compatibility between different apps, enhancing overall store performance.
  • Cost Reduction - Benefit from cost-effective bundled packages compared to acquiring apps individually.

Let’s make an example.

A beauty store offering a variety of makeup and skincare products, faced challenges when it came to attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, and increasing their average order value. Shop Circle stepped in to provide a lifeline – a custom app stack designed to tackle these specific needs.

Apps included in the stack:

  • SC Conjured Referrals
  • SC Loyalty Rewards Referrals
  • Subscription Plus
  • VolumeBoost - Volume Discounts
  • CartHook Post Purchase Upsell
  • Opinew Product Reviews App
  • Frequently Bought Together

On the customer acquisition front, Shop Circle's SC Conjured Referrals app took center stage, creating a new organic channel meant to incentivize existing customers to refer friends. This strategy leveraged the power of word-of-mouth marketing, attracting new customers based on the trust and positive experiences of those who already loved the store.

But it wasn't just about bringing in new customers; retaining the existing ones was crucial as well. Shop Circle's SC Loyalty Rewards Referrals app came to the rescue. This program showered repeat customers with points or rewards for their purchases, fostering a sense of value and appreciation that kept them coming back for more.

Understanding the recurring nature of makeup and skincare purchases, Shop Circle integrated Subscription Pluswhich enables customers to subscribe to their favorite products, ensuring a steady supply with automatic deliveries at designated intervals. Shop Circle also set its sights on increasing the store’s average order value, specifically with the VolumeBoost app which offers discounts for buying products in bulk, encouraging customers to stock up on their essentials and boosting the overall value of their purchases. 

Strategic upsells are another weapon in Shop Circle's arsenal. The CartHook app offers targeted upsells to customers after checkout, capitalizing on the trust established during the purchase process. This created a sense of urgency, potentially leading to increased sales. Building trust with social proof was another key element. Shop Circle recognized the importance of customer trust in the online retail landscape. With the Opinew app, the merchant can collect and import product reviews and user-generated content (UGC). It gives a platform to satisfied customers to share their positive experiences, building trust and social proof.

Finally, Shop Circle addressed the importance of personalization in today's online retail landscape. The Frequently Bought Together app recommends products based on past purchases and browsing behavior, which caters to individual needs and preferences, leading to a more satisfying shopping experience and increased customer satisfaction.

By creating this comprehensive app stack, Shop Circle empowered the merchant to revitalize its customer acquisition and retention strategy, streamline purchases, increase average order value, and create a more personalized shopping experience. In essence, they helped them not only survive but thrive in the competitive beauty market.

Embrace change and optimize

To stay ahead of the curve, Shopify stores should embrace flexibility. Be open to adapting your app stack as your business evolves. Today, you might prioritize automation to fuel rapid customer acquisition. But as you grow, your focus might shift towards loyalty programs and customer retention strategies. Your app stack should reflect these changing priorities.

Shop Circle's App Stack Initiative simplifies your journey to Shopify success. By strategically implementing app stacking and remaining adaptable, you can unlock the full potential of this trend and achieve long-term success. Remember, start strong with a core app stack that handles essential functionalities like payments and shipping. Scale strategically by adding specialized apps as your business grows. Most importantly, continuously monitor and adjust your app stack for optimal performance. Think of it as a living organism that needs to adapt to ensure the health and growth of your online store.


Embracing newly emerging trends like tailored app stacks is key to unlocking success. With Shop Circle's curated solutions and strategic guidance, you can build a robust app ecosystem that pushes your Shopify store to new heights. Don't wait—take action today and explore the possibilities of tailored app stacks for your business.

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