I Costi di Shopify nel 2024: Scegli il Piano Ideale per Te

Shopify Costs in 2024: How to Choose Your Ideal Plan

If you're thinking about starting your online store with Shopify, you will inevitably come across the different pricing models offered by the platform, which vary significantly in terms of monthly fees and features.

In this guide, Nama will provide you with an overview of Shopify's costs, how the fees differ, and which kind of e-commerce are most suitable for each plan. Our guide will help you make an informed decision, addressing the most important questions about Shopify plans and helping you better estimate your anticipated costs.

  1. What is Shopify?
  2. How do Shopify prices work?
  3. Shopify Plans: Comparison of fixed costs and features
  4. Variable fees: Transaction costs on Shopify
  5. Which Shopify plan is right for you?
  6. Are there additional costs with Shopify?
  7. Conclusion

1. What is Shopify?

Shopify is a cloud platform dedicated to e-commerce with over a million online stores. Born with the intention of making it possible to sell a product online with just a few clicks, Shopify has become the go-to platform for online sellers, from large international brands to small entrepreneurs and artisans.

Thanks to an intuitive modular logic, sellers can easily create and manage their online store. Shopify takes care of hosting and offers a professional IT infrastructure. Its high ease of use, flexibility, and scalability have already won over numerous brands: over 1.7 million active stores in 175 countries rely on Shopify.

2. How do Shopify prices work?

Shopify is based on a subscription model, which means you pay a monthly fee instead of a fixed price. This fee consists of two parts: the cost of the chosen Shopify plan and an additional variable fee. Shopify offers three basic plans: Shopify Basic (€36/month), Shopify (€105/month), and Advanced (€384/month), each with different features suitable for various types of businesses.

Here's how you can get a discount on Shopify: If you're sure you'll be using Shopify long-term, annual payment is cost-effective compared to the monthly fee, allowing you to save 25% per year.

3. Shopify Plans: Comparison of fixed costs and features

Shopify plans can be distinguished as follows:

a. Shopify Basic (€36/month):

  • Ideal for small businesses or those taking their first steps in e-commerce.
  • Access to all essential Shopify features.
  • Suitable for a limited number of employees with access to the store's backend.
  • Basic reporting to monitor store activities.

b. Shopify (€105/month):

  • Geared towards those recording consistent online or physical sales.
  • All features of Shopify Basic, with additional benefits:
    • Up to 5 employee accesses.
    • Detailed reporting for in-depth analysis.

c. Shopify Advanced (€384/month):

  • Recommended for large companies with high sales and international presence.
  • Includes all features of Shopify Standard, with additional benefits:
    • Up to 15 employee accesses.
    • Customizable reporting.
    • Reduced transaction fees.

d. Shopify Plus (starting from $2,300/month):

For larger and more significant brands, Shopify offers Shopify Plus, an enterprise solution with advanced features and in-depth customization. However, it's essential to consider that this plan comes with a higher monthly cost.

4. Variable fees: Transaction costs on Shopify

An important factor to consider in choosing a plan is the variable fees. These vary depending on the payment provider used, such as Shopify Payments or a installment payment system like Klarna or Scalapay. Shopify also charges its transaction fees for each sale, which decrease as you move up the chosen plan. Keep in mind that the most economically advantageous plan for your business is necessarily the Basic one and should be calculated based on sales volumes.

Shopify Prices Italy 2024


5. Which Shopify plan is right for you?

Before making a decision, consider the monthly costs and specific features of each plan:

  • Shopify Basic (€36/month): Great for small businesses taking their first steps in e-commerce. Generally suitable for businesses earning up to €15,000 per month.
  • Shopify (€105/month): Ideal for brands with consistent sales and in need of advanced features. If you earn between €15,000 and €100,000, you should consider this plan.
  • Shopify Advanced (€384/month): Recommended for large companies with advanced needs. Generally suitable for businesses earning over €100,000 per month or having more complex requirements.
  • Shopify Plus (starting from $2,300/month)
    Enterprise plan, recommended for brands with an annual turnover exceeding €1.5 million.

6. Are there additional costs with Shopify?

Beyond the monthly fees and transaction fees, there are no hidden costs with Shopify. However, consider the following factors when calculating your costs:

a. Domain registration:

Shopify provides a free myshopify.com domain, but purchasing an independent domain, such as namastudio.it, is highly recommended. You can also buy custom domains from Shopify or other providers for approximately €10-€20 per year.

b. Theme purchase:

Shopify offers 11 free themes and many premium themes to further customize your store's design, which can cost between €200 and €400. We recommend purchasing an official Shopify theme, ensuring compliance with platform updates and quality standards.

c. App subscriptions:

The Shopify App Store offers over 8,000 free and paid apps to extend your store's functionalities. The cost depends on the apps you choose based on your needs.

d. Shipping costs:

Consider shipping costs based on the chosen suppliers.

7. Conclusion

We believe that Shopify offers the ideal solution for online businesses, regardless of size. The platform's flexibility allows you to adapt the plan to the constantly evolving needs of brands. Click here to start your free Shopify trial.

For more information or to discuss your specific needs, contact us here for personalized advice. We're here to help you maximize the potential of your online store.

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