Shopify: 15 risorse per sviluppatori da non perdere

15 useful links for developers to keep updated on Shopify

Shopify is really good at identifying future market trends and improve the e-commerce platform to respond to these new needs before others. For developers and agencies, it's fundamental to keep up with the latest news and follow the product roadmap in order to be able to advise their customers. 

In this article, we put together a list of resources that we use at Nama Studio to keep us up to date on all things Shopify. These are all English-language resources, but if you are interested in learning more about e-commerce in the Italian market, we can certainly recommend the Shopify Italia blog.


The official Shopify documentation is definitely one of the resources to start from. It contains code snippets, tutorials, and best practices for developing on Shopify. The changelog is also essential for us, and we setup the  RSS Slack integration to receive all the developer changelog updates directly on a channel in our workspace.


The Shopify developer community is a valuable resource for anyone looking for help or wanting to share their knowledge with others. You can find answers to frequently asked questions, preview potential use cases of newly released features, find code examples and recommendations on how to use Shopify.

Twitter & Youtube

In recent years, the Shopify developer community has grown a lot and there are a number of developers who create content to learn how to use Shopify better or to develop their business. Here are some of the accounts we think are producing interesting content for keeping up with Shopify.

  • @ShopifyDevs - A Shopify Devs Team Twitter account
  • @Liam Griffin - Developer Advocate at Shopify, he is really good at interacting with the developer community both online and at events like Shopify Unite
  • @Blanklob - full stack Shopify developer who is very active in the community, by publishing tutorials, organising Twitter spaces and answering to Shopify related questions
  • @nomad_maker - freelance Shopify expert developing themes and apps
  • @gilgNYC - Shopify app developer and promoter of the "build in public" approach, giving recommendations on how to grow your Shopify app business 
  • Coding with Jan - this Youtube channel is the go-to resource for learning how to develop on Shopify


At Nama, we are big fans of curated newsletters. Here are three that we think are very useful for theme and app developers. The first two are weekly newsletters and they publish interesting resources from all over the web. The last one doesn't have a regular schedule but it's made by Shopify and it's full of recommendations about web performance on Shopify.

This list has been put together in January 2023 and we will try to keep it updated when we find other interesting links. What are your go-to resources for keeping up to date with Shopify? As always, if you have any feedback, you can contact me here:

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