Maggio 2024: Nama goes around.. but always stays in the workflow.

Maggio 2024: Nama goes around.. but always stays in the workflow.

From Tokyo to Kyoto, all the way to Birmingham!

Nama: a lifestyle

Recently, Rossella had the pleasure of re-immersing herself in the fascinating Japanese culture, bringing and enriching herself with new creative life for herself and her work.

From Tokyo to Kyoto, through the streets of Shibu Onsen, he absorbed the vibrant energy of the metropolis, but also found refuge for contemplation and reflection.

Our Studio is a timeless place, a space of inspiration, where remote working also extends overseas, allowing Rossella to explore Japan, continuing to support our team with passion and determination.


Nama is a real lifestyle, where work and creativity know no boundaries. Nama merges with the very essence of our mission: to create success stories that inspire and transform. 


Nama goes to the UK for IRX

Rossella e Silvia

Last week we spent some time in London and Birmingham at the IRX (InternetRetailing Events).

We attended some conferences and workshops organized by eCom Club, learning about cross-border growth, customer loyalty and e-commerce operations, in the company of other e-commerce agencies and technology partners.

We attended some of the talks and workshops organized by eCom Club

Of course, we didn't miss the opportunity to explore the London stores of fabulous brands using Shopify: from beauty brands like Glossier, to fashion brands Fiorucci and Supreme.

Glossier store


May 2024 Projects

Nama x Loverlock

Loverlock is the online destination for fashion enthusiasts looking for style and elegance, offering a vast selection of the most prestigious fashion and luxury brands.

Nama proved to be the ideal partner to help Loverlock optimize and continuously improve their online store.


New collab: Nama welcomes Filippo Marchesi

Nama's role

Nama supports Filippo Marchesi in the migration to Shopify: in the creation of the new front-end and in the store setup, allowing a smooth transition to the new platform.


Shopify bullet points

Trust us and our approach: discover our innovative e-commerce solutions and stay up-to-date with the Shopify world!

DMARC Compliance

How to ensure the security of your emails with Shopify?

Make your Shopify Store DMARC compliant by ensuring your Shopify Store is ready for the change.


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