Le 5 novità più interessanti di Shopify Editions Summer '23

5 Unmissable Features from Shopify Editions Summer '23

Shopify Editions is a digital experience where Shopify showcases 100+ product updates and enhancements to the platform. It's a snapshot of what the e-commerce landscape looks like at this moment in time and what steps Shopify is taking to provide the right tools for merchants to thrive. The presentation is a great way to learn about the latest features that can help you grow your business, and in general, it's a cool event to be part of - this year there was even a code scavenger hunt with prizes!

Here is a rundown of what we are most excited about:

AI & Shopify

Shopify is making big investments in AI, and the Summer '23 Editions included a number of new features that leverage AI to help merchants improve their businesses.


"Every hero needs a Sidekick". Shopify describes entrepreneurs as heroes, and is building Sidekick, a new AI assistant that can help them directly from the Shopify admin. Tobi Lutke announced it on July 12th and we got a nice demo of its capabilities during Shopify Editions. It can help merchants with a variety of tasks, such as answering customer questions, generating marketing content, and optimizing product listings.

Screenshot da Twitter di Tobi Lutke che presenta Sidekick

Here you can see the announcement. Shopify is investing a lot in AI and we expect great things in the upcoming months and years. 

Shopify Magic

Shopify Magic is already available to generate product descriptions. It will be applicable to even more Shopify products, including emails, blog posts, and the Shopify inbox assistant. Shopify Magic can help merchants automate tasks, generate personalized content, find out what's the best time to send out an email campaign, and improve their overall marketing performance. 

Adapt the theme to a specific context

Shopify themes are now more flexible than ever, thanks to the new ability to adapt them to specific contexts. This means that you can now create different versions of your theme templates for different markets or specifically for B2B.
Context admin Shopify
For example, you could create a different version of your theme for the UK market that includes a banner section with information about UK shipping rates, without writing a single line of code.
This update is already available in the theme editor, together with a full restyling of the Shopfy admin, so you can already adapt your content to a specific international market.

Flex sections

The announcement that is making us very curious regards the new flex sections. Flex sections are a new type of section that allows you to align elements of the section using the theme editor. This makes it easy to create custom layouts that are tailored to your specific needs.

For example, you could use flex sections to create a banner section that includes a large image, a headline, and a call to action. Or, you could use flex sections to create a product grid that includes different product layouts.


We are very curious about how this will work and how it will affect theme development, but we are sure our clients will appreciate how this feature will allow them to express their creativity. 

Additional features for B2B on Shopify Plus

In the past year, Shopify has invested a lot in B2B and in creating a platform that can allow B2B and B2C to coexist seamlessly. In this Editions, a few announcements for B2B were made: 

  • B2B context: The new B2B context allows you to create different versions of your store for businesses and consumers. This means you can show different products, prices, and discounts to businesses than to consumers.
  • Volume pricing: Easily implement quantity price breaks to encourage business customers to buy in larger quantities
  • Credit card vaulting, so B2B customers can use a previously vaulted card to pay at checkout or via invoice
  • Quick order section on Dawn: The new quick order section allows businesses to quickly place orders for products from your store. This is a great way to make it easy for businesses to buy the products they need from you.

Native Bundles and Subscription apps

[Already available]

Shopify Bundles app presentation
Bundles are a way to sell groups of products together, a great way to increase your average order value and upsell to customers.
After announcing this in the Winter Editions, yesterday Shopify released their native app Shopify bundles. It can create fixed or multipack bundles, while for more complex requirements Shopify still recommends using the apps available in the app store. For Shopify Plus customers that want to build their custom app or solution, the bundles API is available.


Shopify is launching a free subscription app! This uses the new customer accounts, which will allow customers to pause or skip orders, update payment and shipping details, and more. As for the bundles native app, Shopify is providing a free app that only focuses on the core functionalities of the feature and then recommends using apps from the theme store for more complex requirements.


If you'd like to discuss the new features and opportunities that come with Shopify's latest announcements, we at Nama are always happy to have a chat. Write to us at info@namastudio.it!

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