Commercio conversazionale: come la live chat automatizzata aiuta l'assistenza clienti

Conversational commerce: how can automated chat support your customer service

Guest post from Gorgias customer support platform designed specifically for e-commerce stores. We help over 15,000 brands focus on improving customer experiences (CX) through AI automation and easy integration with 100+ apps.

Together with Nama Studio, we're excited to share insights into the latest automated chat 2024 trends and show Shopify brands an introduction to automated chat.

What is automated chat?

Automated chat allows e-commerce businesses to provide instant customer support through pre-defined responses on their website chat. It is a supplementary function to live chat that helps brands deliver support without agents.

Automated chat is excellent for handling frequently asked questions, managing orders, and providing 24/7 support, making it an essential tool for modern e-commerce stores on Shopify.

Gorgias is on the cutting edge of AI customer experiences and offers automated chat through Gorgias Automate.

Gorgias Automate screenshot: Automate 60%+ of your support with AI and grow your brand

The impact of automated chat on e-commerce

In a recent Gorgias survey, one-third of CX experts said that automation is "Extremely Important" for delivering great customer experiences. This sentiment reflects the growing importance of automated chat in e-commerce for 2024.

For Shopify stores, adopting this trend can be the difference between maintaining customer relationships or losing them. Without needing live agents, automated chat provides round-the-clock support, handles multiple languages, and resolves common questions instantly. This means happier customers and more time for your team to focus on complex issues.

Automated chat is changing how stores interact with their customers. Support is no longer just live — it can be automated and still instant. 

In this introduction to automated chat, we’ll explore why it’s an essential tool for online stores in 2024.

Advantages & disadvantages of automated chat

Like other tools, there are both benefits and downsides to adopting new technology. For automated chat, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.


  1. Reduces agent workload
    Team members don’t need to operate chat unless customers ask for human support. Using automation as your first line of defense means fewer repetitive tickets and more time for agents to handle urgent, customer-specific inquiries.

  2. Lets customers resolve issues on their own

    According to Tidio, around 73% of customers prefer to find answers independently rather than from an agent. Automated chat allows customers to self-serve and get immediate answers without waiting.

    For example, shoe brand Merry People uses Gorgias Automate’s chat-based automation feature, Flows, to reduce response time by 60%. These automated chat benefits for Shopify stores are crucial for improving customer satisfaction.

    Gorgias Automate Flow
  3. Delivers support 24/7
    Having live chat is an excellent way to expand customer support, but it’s limited by business hours and agent availability. With automated chat, chat can continue providing support even when your support agents are offline.

  4. Speaks in multiple languages

    According to a survey by CSA Research, 40% of customers will not buy from websites in other languages. With Gorgias’s multi-language automated chat, you don’t have to worry about losing customers. 

    Gorgias Chat is a multi-language solution that can serve shoppers who speak English, Italian, French, Spanish, and 11 more languages.

  5. Resolves frequently asked questions

    Customers on chat often ask questions like “Where’s my order?” or “Do you ship internationally?” Automating answers to these FAQs removes the need for agents to respond to the same tickets manually, providing a quicker path to resolutions.


  1. Initial setup and maintenance
    Automated chat requires some time to set up and maintain. This automated chat challenge can be mitigated with comprehensive training on Gorgias for your support team and a regular review of policies.

  2. Limited response capability
    Since automated chat can’t generate answers without pre-set responses, its capability to answer complex inquiries is limited. To solve this, provide an easy option for customers to escalate to human support to fill in the gap that automation has.

How to implement automated chat on Shopify

Screenshot from Gorgias for Shopify

Get started with automated chat by using Gorgias Automate. Below, we’ll show you how Gorgias Automate makes automated chat easy to set up, allowing your customers to self-serve and have an enjoyable experience on your website.

Step 1: Answer FAQs with Quick Responses

Automated chat’s primary ability is to answer frequently asked questions efficiently. Use Gorgias Automate's Quick Responses to handle common queries. These one-click Q&A scenarios instantly allow customers to get the answers they need, lifting the pressure off your support agents. This e-commerce automated chat implementation ensures your customers receive timely support while your team focuses on more complex issues.

Step 2: Manage orders easily

Automate order management to save time and improve efficiency. With Gorgias Automate, you can integrate a self-service returns portal through tools like Loop. This allows customers to process returns independently, simplifying their shopping journey and building trust in your brand. Encourage exchanges by recommending alternative products, which helps retain customers and reduce refunds. These Shopify strategies streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Step 3: Personalize support with Flows

Flows let you create interactive and personalized conversations based on customer inputs. Use Gorgias Automate’s Flows for tasks like product matching quizzes, sizing guides, and scheduling services. This flowchart-based approach allows you to offer tailored support for diverse customer needs, enhancing their shopping experience and ensuring they get the precise information they require.

Step 4: Provide detailed answers with Article Recommendations

For comprehensive answers, leverage AI-powered Article Recommendations. When customers ask questions, Gorgias AI finds and shares the most relevant articles from your Help Center. To use this feature, ensure your Help Center is populated with valuable articles. This step enhances your e-commerce automated chat implementation by providing in-depth support and freeing your agents to handle more specific queries.

Best practices for automated chat

  1. Keep answers prompt
    Automated chat responses should be concise and to the point. Immediate answers keep customers engaged; you don’t want to lose their attention.

  2. Always provide a route back to live agents
    Automated chat is excellent for handling simple inquiries, but it's vital to offer a way for customers to reach live agents when needed. Offer clear pathways to live support through email, chat, phone, SMS, or social media. This allows customers to escalate issues and receive the assistance they require for more complex problems.

  3. Use your brand voice and tone
    Integrate your brand’s voice and tone into automated chat responses. Consistency makes automated chat a seamless part of the customer experience, helping customers feel welcome and understood.

  4. Regularly update your automated chat responses
    Keep your automated chat responses updated with the latest policies and product information. Regularly review and update the content to ensure accuracy and relevance. This practice maintains trust and satisfaction by providing current information.

The future of automated chat

As AI and automation continue to advance at an exponential rate, automated chat will become more relevant for e-commerce. Shopify stores are the top candidates for automated live chat as customer expectations grow more demanding. Using an AI-powered platform like Gorgias ensures you stay ahead of the curve with better customer engagement and loyalty.

The future of automated live chat is promising and Gorgias is leading the pack by enhancing its automated chat with AI features to meet the growing demands of e-commerce.

Shopify e-commerce tips

Here are practical tips and strategies for Shopify stores to make the most of the automated live chat trend and remain flexible in the face of changing practices:

  • Regularly update chat responses: Keep your automated chat responses current with the latest policies and product information. This ensures accuracy and helps customers get the most relevant answers.
  • Stay informed on trends: Continuously monitor trends in automated live chat technology. Implement new features as they become available to stay ahead of competitors.
  • Offer a route to live agents: Always provide clear pathways for customers to reach live support through email, phone, SMS, or social media. This ensures human agents can address complex issues.
  • Use brand voice consistently: Integrate your brand’s voice and tone into automated chat responses. Consistency helps customers feel welcome and connected to your brand.
  • Invest in a robust platform: Choose a comprehensive platform like Gorgias that supports advanced automated chat features. This investment will help you maintain high standards of customer support.

These strategies will help Shopify stores leverage the automated live chat trend and ensure long-term success.

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