Aprile 2024: la nuova identità  di Nama Studio, i nuovi clienti e lanci di progetti

April 2024: Nama Studio's new brand identity, new clients and project launches

April was the month of news for Nama Studio.

Nama Studio's new brand identity

With graphic designer Cecilia Cappelli, her professionalism and creativity, we combined tradition, modernity, art and technology in order to communicate, even visually, the essence of Nama.

Cecilia, with her choice of patterns, shapes and colors, led us on a journey inspired by Japan, a land of deep connections for the founders, Silvia and Rossella.

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"Regarding the work done for NAMA, the starting point was Japan," Cecilia tells us.

"I started by looking at sources related to traditional Japanese illustration, to study their recurring colors and patterns, and then made a selection related nonetheless to modernity and more abstract and simple forms, which go well with the digital world in which NAMA operates."

Together we explored Japan's deep artistic roots and transformed them into a strong, eye-catching color palette that reflects the vibrant character of Nama and its founders. Each color was carefully chosen to create a harmonious mix of modernity and tradition.

"The typography was also chosen for its readability, modernity, and minimalism. Most of the images are in black and white, so that the presentation of the designs becomes more abstract, so they look refined and very neat."

With black and white and color-block as our allies, we tried to convey the rigor, refinement, and vibrancy that distinguish Nama.

Thanks to Cecilia, the soul of Nama can be clearly told and conveyed, even visually. Shapes and colors fully reflect the history, professionalism and passion that distinguish our Studio.


April 2024 Projects

Nama x Farella Capri

Farella Capri turned to Nama to migrate their e-commerce from WooCommerce to Shopify. They chose Shopify because it was reliable and easy to manage.


New collab: Nama welcomes Just Australia

Nama's role

Nama will work with Just Australia at every stage, offering expert technical advice, sales strategies, UX review, and ongoing optimization to maximize conversions and e-commerce success.


Shopify bullet points

Trust us and our approach: discover our innovative e-commerce solutions and stay up-to-date with the Shopify world!

Shopify Returns

Have you ever wondered how to simplify returns management on your Shopify store, without resorting to complicated additional software?

Read Nama Studio's guide.

Shopify Costs in 2024

Nama has written an essential guide that gives you in-depth analysis to select the right plan, optimize your investments and maximize your online success. 

Check out our guide here.


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